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BreeAnn Veenstra

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Bees In Lavendar

I took these photos about a week ago on a beautiful, sunny day. Used a telephoto lens to capture the Bees sitting on the flowers. In full resolution photos you can see individual grains of pollen on their hairy legs!

I really loved that they Bees were yellow and contrasted sharply with the purple Lavendar, so I enhanced colours and lighting to make them pop against each other just a little bit more

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Aquamarine on Muscovite - Chumar Bakhoor, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan



My artichoke did well this year, and instead of harvesting it to eat I decided to let it bloom just to see what would happen. I regret nothing. As it turns out, artichokes bloom more beautifully and dramatically than I could have imagined.

The last 5 photos were taken over the span of about a week and a half. I am not 100% positive that the first photo is the same flower, as it was taken considerably earlier.

I’ll have more cool info on the artichoke later!  In the meantime, can you spy the bee? 

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