I got a baby rat! She needs a fab name. Help?! Also, I think I need to get her a sister…



working on a piece to go with this 

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"Supreme Love Conjure"

Workin’ up some conjure art tonight for an upcoming art show. Now, while this piece and his brother and sister are going to possibly be in an art show make no mistake, this is conjure, conjure is art and for me anyway, art is conjure. There is as much intent in this piece as there is in anything I would do for a client, but in this case the client is just the person looking into the eyes of this spirit jar.

Hoping to finish up his brother and sister soon.  





Hermes Trimegistus. The Seven Steps. Secretum Secretorum. 1140.

   Thoth is the Great Scribe, Magician and Messenger of the Gods, who we adore in all of our Holy Rites at the Sanctuary.  He is the Tongue of Ra.  He is also Tahuti, Hermes and Mercury upon High.  He is rightly invoked for Wisdom in all matters concerning the Great Work, and particularly on the Day of Mercury.

Stalker with chained wolf

Ulrick Patrick